• OgoSport Disk Game

OgoSport Disk Game

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Ogo Sports Disc

The OgoSports Disc set includes two 12" discs and ogosoft ball. It can be used individually or by two or more people to play 'keepy up' or for 'bat and ball'. The special ogosoft ball can be thrown upto 150 feet into the air and, because of it's design, it won't bounce and get lost when it lands or hurt anyone if it lands on them (always great to know when playing in busy parks or on the beach!).

The discs can be used as frisbee's as well as be adapted to a variety of activities such as volleyball, baseball and tennis. They are awesome with water balloons and are great fun to play with on the beach or in the pool (they don't sink).

Unlimited possibilities for endless play and one of our favourite products in the shop.

Age Group 4-6 years

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