• Djeco Lotto - Colours

Djeco Lotto - Colours

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Djeco Lotto Game - Colours

The Djeco Lotto Game is an association game of images and language. The vibrantly coloured 30 pieces and the play boards are made from high quality glossy board and have lovely pictures of different animals printed on them. They all come within a handy and colourful box with a carry handle.

You start by leaving all the cards upside down and each player chooses a board. The first player turns over a card. If the drawing on the card corresponds to one of the images on his/her board, he/she puts it on top. If it does not correspond to any of the images on the board the player puts it back upside down. On his/her turn, the next player draws a card… The winner is the first to find all the images on his/her board.

Dimensions: Box: 14.5 x 14.5 x 14.5cm

Ages 3 Years +

Product by Djeco.

Age Group 2-3 years

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